Traditional Archery


My goal is to provide all archers , whether it’s a laminated glass bow or a selfbow the highest quality possible, best shooting bow possible. My laminated glass bows are a proven design that is fast, quiet and stable. I will not settle for less than perfect on the quality of the craftsmanship of my bows. I know that if you compare my Talon, Gazelle or Cobra to any modern glass bow out there you will be sold!
My selfbows are a whole different world of primitive beauty, fast and smooth yet quiet. Whether you choose a modern glass laminated bow, a sinew recurve or a selfbow you will own a one of a kind custom bow that will last you a lifetime.

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                                                                                                       Photography Courtesy of, Images of Idaho.
Special Thanks to:  Monica Kindelspire, Bob Lake, Benjamin Snider, Tina Qualls, Marty Zimmerman, Lisa Sullivan, Myra and Jerry Rega, Jim Cudmore, Gary Winterholler


Whether it's modern traditional or primitive, I can build it !


At Bow Makr Traditional Archery we are dedicated to building you the highest quality, best shooting bow possible.